Bérenger Makita

Fullstack & 3D/XR Web Development


Hey you, welcome to my weird part of the web !

A bit about me

I am Bérenger, a France based fullstack web developer. I have professionaly worked as a web dev for 10 years but this site is about my personal interests and experiments, not about what I do for my customers/employers. You can contact me on Linkedin if you are interested in a professional colaboration

What's up with all the 3D and VR ?

I am intrigued by the idea of virtual reality since I was a kid. I never thought that the technology would be viable as soon as the early 2010s though.

Mid-2015, I was lucky enough to try a friend's Oculus DK2 and even though the tech was still experimental, it seemed to me there that was a good enough base for a new wave of VR software. I did not think much of it at first since I was just a junior web dev already trying his best to get good at his craft.

In 2016 another friend of mine taught me about A-Frame. Thanks to him I saw a path where I could reconcile my craft with my interest

I developed the strong belief that 3D and immersive technologies were going to a be growing part of the web. I felt like even if only a few percent of the web ended up becoming tridimensional, I had to explore in what ways 3D and VR could change or integrate with the way we use the web.

Since then I split my time between full stack developement work for customers and experimentation with the web immersive technologies